Polygraph Services

When evaluating polygraph examiners, don't be duped by misleading advertising statements.

At Morgan Polygraph, our expert polygraphists are nationally certified to conduct the following types of polygraph examinations:

Criminal, specific issue testing

  •  New Crimes
  •  New Allegations

Criminal, mixed-issue testing

  • New Crimes
  • Multiple Allegations

Civil, specific issue testing

  • Attorney requested or private
  • Fidelity testing our specialty - quick, quiet, confidential

Civil, multiple issue testing

  • Child custody issues our specialty

Governmental testing, to include:

  • Pre-employment applicant testing
  • Internal Affairs or Professional Conduct testing
  • Honesty or Veracity testing over reports or specific incidents
  • Complainant veracity testing

Risk-Assessment testing:

  • Psycho-Sexual Evaluation veracity assessment
  • Instant Offense reconciliation
  • Treatment or Supervision compliance issues
  • Sexual history verification
  • Sexual deviance verification

Probation/Parole Compliance testing

  •  Excellent adjunct to electronic monitoring
  •  Valuable for addiction relapse identification
  •  Identifies domestic violence re-offenders

Post Conviction Sexual Offender testing, conducted for:

  •  Treatment providers
  •  Probation/parole officers
  •  Pre-sentence investigators
  •  Court officers

Concealed Information testing

  • The latest in polygraph testing
  • Not a test of truth or deception, rather, a test of hidden knowledge.
  • Scientifically validated and accepted, even by polygraph critics.
  • At Morgan Polygraph, we are experts at reviewing cases and developing concealed knowledge "keys" for polygraph concealed information testing.

Paired testing

  • Using the "Marin Protocol", we are able to achieve remarkably high accuracy rates by testing both parties in a situation, using an ASTM, AAPP and APA approved testing protocol.
  • Mainly applicable in civil cases where both parties are represented by counsel and are agreeable to submitting to polygraph testing

Bi-lingual testing 

  • At Morgan Polygraph, we use court certified Spanish-English translators when conducting examinations in Spanish.

Key Benefits to the Client:

  • We know what we are doing and have the national certification to back it up.
  • Our examiners are court recognized experts.
  • We have excellent reputations in the legal community with extensive investigative backgrounds.
  • We have multiple examiners - instant "quality control" when needed.
  • We offer 24-hour report turn-around time.
  • We use the best equipment and conduct our examinations in professional polygraph suites.